Rovio’s ‘Overnight’ #Success with #AngryBirds Came After 51 Failed Attempts

With the simple flick of its finger, Angry Birds was the launchpad for the multi-billion pound mobile games industry we see today, but while many see it as a an overnight success story for Finnish startup Rovio, the truth is somewhat different.

Speaking to IBTimes UK at Rovio’s colourful headquarters in Espoo just outside Helsinki, the company’s communications director Sara Antila revealed that prior to the ‘overnight’ success of Angry Birds, the company spent six years toiling to find the winning formula, producing 51 unsuccessful games before hitting the jackpot.

The company was founded by a group of students who just wanted to develop games in the time before smartphones, when Snake was the pinnicle of gaming on the go.

The evolution of the smartphone and the incredible success of Angry Birds has created a global phenomenon, with Rovio no longer seen as a mobile gaming company, but a true media entertainment company – Finland’s Disney if you will.

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