Do you ? :: The 3 Best #Book For #Entrepreneur to Return To, Again and Again

When I got out of college I was obsessed (some would say possessed) with developing a successful business. I had long been infatuated with the idea, having run small door-to-door businesses when I was in middle and high school. After college and a short experience working at a bank, I felt even more strongly that I wanted to run a business of my own. Starting from that point, I made entrepreneurship the dominant theme of my professional career. As a result, I have read between 200 and 300 books on (or related to) entrepreneurship. These books have covered many different topics, written mostly by practitioners, but even some academics

Below I’ve listed the three most powerful books that I’ve read on this subject. While nothing can substitute for the experience of actually struggling to create, run and grow one’s own business, I genuinely believe that these books have helped me immensely as an entrepreneur. You will note that not all of these books are just on entrepreneurship, per se, but nevertheless they have been most helpful to me in building successful businesses.

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