Hedge Fund Anticipates Bitcoin Will Overtake PayPal in US Dollar Transactions Later This Year

With the price of bitcoin seemingly on the up and up, there’s no shortage of conversation on the topic of where the price goes from here. There’s seemingly no shortage of optimism, either, with the value of bitcoin up a whopping 18 percent in the past week.

Hedge fund Laureate BVI is taking part in that optimism, after issuing a speculative buy rating on the digital currency back in February.

Whenever you have an instrument that trades over 300 million US dollars a day, it must be recognized,” says Laureate CEO Peter Tasca, according to Digital Journal. “The digital currency works, Bitcoin has greater volume transactions than Western Union and we anticipate it will overtake PayPal later this year.”

Over 1.2 million bitcoins (over $632 million) have been sent in the past twenty-four hours, according to data from bitcoinwatch.com.

Whether or not bitcoin will actually overtake PayPal is anyone’s guess at this point, but we have learned that the payments provider has hinted at integrating bitcoin into their services in a move that seems to recognize bitcoin as a competitor.

eBay CEO John Donahoe said in February that his company (who owns PayPal) is working on a digital walletthat can take multiple types of currency.

SmartMetric CEO Chaya Hendrick added that bitcoin has the potential to surpass transaction volumes of multinational financial outfits:

“In the next one or two years, Bitcoin can surpass the dollar transaction volumes of other established payment companies including Discover, and even American Express, MasterCard, and Visa,” he said.

Peter Tasca adds, “We’ve seen governments all over the world impose restrictions on the currency and that is good. In a free market economy this creates a safe trading environment and reduces the volatility Bitcoin holders have experienced in the last six months. This digital currency was meant to facilitate the exchange of currency to be spent, not traded.”

Source : http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/bitcoin-will-surpass-paypal-in-us-dollar-transactions-according-to-bvi-hedge-fund-511455.htm

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Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in a Book

When I look back at the first three years of bootstrapping our startup NerdWallet, the lesson I wish I had figured out earlier is you can’t read your way out of a problem.

When we first launched our company and needed advice, our tendency was to grab a book and go off in the corner to figure out how to scale our operations, hire amazing talent or motivate employees, among other queries. While these books did provide great insight, we soon learned a half-hour conversation with an expert of mentor provided invaluable leadership information we couldn’t get in a book. Not only did this person offer firsthand experience and great words of wisdom but they also provided a connection.

Here are leadership lessons for entrepreneurs that we wish we would have known right off the bat.

Start leadership development early. Realize you are not always going to be in the weeds coding, marketing and doing it all. At some point, your organization will look to you for guidance. And this moment will happen sooner than you think.

Read more here : http://www.entrepreneur.com

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  European Monetary Union Sunday, May 25, 2014 24h  

  EUR European Parliament election
New Zealand


Monday, May 26, 2014 00:45


         NZD Trade Balance (MoM) (Apr)



Monday, May 26, 2014




 JPY BoJ Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes


Tuesday, May 27, 2014 07:45


     JPY BoJ Monetary Policy Statement

United States

Tuesday, May 27, 2014




USD Durable Goods Orders (Apr)



 United States Tuesday, May 27, 2014 16:00


   USD Consumer Confidence (May)


Wednesday, May 28, 2014 02:00


     JPY Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda Speech
New Zealand Wednesday, May 28, 2014 03:00


      NZD ANZ Activity Outlook (May)
Germany Wednesday, May 28, 2014 09:55


         EUR Unemployment Change (May)
Germany Wednesday, May  28, 2014




  EUR Unemployment Rate s.a. (May)
Australia Thursday, May 29, 2014


AUD Private Capital Expenditure (Q1)
United States Thursday, May 29, 2014



USD Gross Domestic Product Annualized (Q1)Preliminar
United States Thursday, May 29, 2014


USD Initial Jobless Claims (May)
United States Thursday, May 29, 2014


USD Pending Home Sales (YoY) (Apr)
Japan Friday, May 30, 2014



JPY National Consumer Price Index (YoY) (Apr)
Japan Friday, May 30, 2014



JPY National CPI Ex Food, Energy (YoY) (Apr)
Japan Friday, May 30, 2014


JPY National CPI Ex-Fresh Food (YoY) (Apr)
Japan Friday, May 30, 2014 01:30    

      JPY Tokyo Consumer Price Index (YoY) (Apr)
Japan Friday, May 30, 2014


             JPY Tokyo CPI ex Food, Energy (YoY) (Apr)
 Japan Friday, May 30, 2014


         JPY Tokyo CPI ex Fresh Food (YoY) (Apr)
Canada Friday, May 30, 2014 14:30  
CAD Gross Domestic Product Annualized (QoQ) (Q1)
Canada Friday, May 30, 2014 14:30  
CAD Gross Domestic Product (MoM) (Mar)


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9 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Some of the best content to be found about startups is locked in books. Thomas Kjemperud asked me yesterday for a 140 character recommendation of one book for founders. Reducing my list to just one and condensing an argument for why founders ought to read it in just 117 characters was just too great a challenge for me. Instead I’ve written a blog post about the nine favorite books I’ve read over the last five years have helped me understand startups and the processes that make them successful.

They range from written 70 years ago to written in the past 3 years. They have been written by salespeople, CTOs, speechwriters, consultants and magnates. These are the books I go back to, time and again, when I have a question or I’m looking for an insight. If they weren’t all e-books, they would be dog-eared and foxed. Here they are:

List 1


List 2


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European bonds signaling trouble?

The quick move higher in the yields of Europe’s weakest sovereigns from historic lows may be just the beginning and on the edges it could start to affect other low-rated credits where investors have hunted for yield—such as U.S. junk bonds.

Driven by speculation about the European Central Bank and selling by major investors, the prices of peripheral European bonds have been weakening since last week. As a result, the yields of sovereigns—Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Ireland—have all moved higher, while the core German bund yield has edged just slightly higher.

The 10-year Spanish bond, for instance, was yielding 3.008 percent Tuesday, after reaching a low of 2.832 percent last Thursday, its lowest level in 20 years. As investors sell, Greece’s 10-year yield is creeping back toward 7 percent, after making a four-year low of 5.85 percent in April.


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    For 29-year-old Fyodor Bagnenko, a fixed-income trader at Dragon Capital in Ukraine, selling bonds has become a lonely business. From his seven-story office in central Kiev, about 20 minutes from the barricades on Independence Square that were the epicenter of protests that triggered the worst crisis between Russia and the…
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Wolf of Wallstreet is paying back everyone this year.

Jordan Belfort, whose memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street” was turned into a film by Martin Scorsese, expects to earn more this year than he made at his peak as a stockbroker, allowing him to repay the victims of his fraud.

“I’ll make this year more than I ever made in my best year as a broker,” Belfort told a conference in Dubai today. “My goal is to make north of $100 million so I am paying back everyone this year.”

Belfort, a motivational speaker, will use his earnings from a 45-city speaking tour in the U.S. to repay about $50 million to investors. That was his share of the fine, he said.

U.S. stockbrokerBelfort spent 22 months in jail for money laundering and securities fraud in the 1990s after his Long Island-based Stratton Oakmont Inc. defrauded investors out of more than $200 million. That story was retold last year in a blockbuster film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.


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      For investors, the key to 2017 will not be Brexit, nor the French elections but rather USA bond yields. If the 10-year yield breaches 3pc we would expect major dislocations in many markets and a huge repricing of assets across the globe.
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The rise of the ‘Uberized economy’ and what it means for business

The world of labor is changing. Through laptops and mobile devices, a new world of services is becoming more accessible. The platforms enabling such services are also providing new homes for a rising entrepreneurial class of worker who is no longer being defined by the cubical. It’s becoming clear, that in a not too distant future, our companies and corporations will be built on virtual networks vs marble lobbies.

While we have seen an explosion of “Uberized” labor marketplaces that make things like grocery delivery and home cleaning a mobile click away, labor marketplaces are quickly moving in more sophisticated directions.

While the oDesks of the world have defined “virtual labor” for the past decade, a new generation of virtual labor marketplaces is rising – even in the most old-school industries – and unlocking highly skilled services in a whole new way.

Our vision of the future is that these vertical marketplaces will make even the most white-collar professions accessible to every individual and business, and will provide new homes for highly skilled individuals where the traditional corporate life is no longer a fit or an option.


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What Television Will Look Like in 2025, According to Netflix

In the future, Netflix will know exactly what you want to watch, even before you do. You won’t have to spend all that time browsing through endless lists of shows on your television.

That’s according to Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer. It’s just one of many predictions for the future of TV that the forward-thinking executive laid out on stage today at New York City’s Internet Week conference, and no one would be surprised if all that came to fruition. If there’s one company that knows about changing the way we watch TV shows and movies, it’s Netflix. From its humble origins as a DVD-by-mail outfit back in 1997 to its current status as a video streaming powerhouse and original content creator, Netflix has already overturned the status quo more than once.

As a slew of other tech companies, from Amazon to Yahoo, compete with Netflix to move television online–and traditional broadcasters fight to protect their old business models–Hunt has a clear vision for how the war for our attention will play out by the year 2025. Here are a few of his predictions:

You’ll Have 48 Million TV Channels

People have traditionally discovered new shows by tuning into the channels that were most aligned with their interests. Love news? Then CNN might be the channel for you. If it’s children’s programming you want, Nickelodeon has you covered. And yet, none of these channels can serve 100 percent of their customers what they want to watch 100 percent of the time.

Netflix's Neil Hunt. Image: Netflix

According to Hunt, this will change with internet TV. He said Netflix is now working to perfect its personalization technology to the point where users will no longer have to choose what they want to watch from a grid of shows and movies. Instead, the recommendation engine will be so finely tuned that it will show users “one or two suggestions that perfectly fit what they want to watch now.”

“I think this vision is possible,” Hunt said. “We’ve come a long way towards it, and we have a ways to go still.” He said Netflix is now devoting as much time and energy to building out that personalization technology as the company put into building the infrastructure for delivering that content in the first place.

Url : http://www.wired.com/2014/05/neil-hunt/

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    Author Steven Johnson talks to the engineer turned philanthropist about the future, technology, ice, capitalism, and optimism. When interesting people hang out, interesting things tend to happen. So when we found out that Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From andThe Ghost Map was going to sit down…
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    KPCB’s Mary Meeker presents the 2015 Internet Trends report, 20 years after the inaugural “The Internet Report” was first published in 1995. Since then, the number of Internet users has risen from 35 million in 1995 to more than 2.8 billion today. The 2015 report looks at key Internet trends…
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    Thanks to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) 2014 report on Cities of Opportunity, job seekers have a handy list of some of the best cities to find a job across the world. Using 10 indicators to look at the factors that contribute to a well-balanced city, the study compared 30 different cities and…
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The Startup Story You Didn’t Hear About Billion Dollar Company Eloqua: It Was Four Days From Going Bankrupt

Hear stories from the gritty frontline of entrepreneurship with Eloqua Co-founder and the CEO of InfluitiveMark Organ.

A self-described serial entrepreneur, Influitive is Mark’s 7th business. Mark dove into entrepreneurship head first after realizing he couldn’t hold down a regular job. His first ventures gave him exposure to everything from bootstrapping a business to generating leads and managing a board of directors. Mark survived the struggles of getting Eloqua off the ground, later seeing it sell for nearly a billion dollars.

Read more : http://sumo.ly/Ejt

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    First, let’s figure out why we are talking about funding as something you need to do. This is not a given. The opposite of funding is “bootstrapping,” the process of funding a startup through your own savings. There are a few companies that bootstrapped for a while until taking investment,…
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    Uber was founded just six years ago, but it’s already one of the fastest growing companies in the world. As an illustration of just how massive the company’s growth has been, Uber has reportedlycreated over 160,000 jobs in the United States alone and plans to create over a million more…
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Trends coming in 2014.

This is the third year in a row that I’ve asked friends and colleagues of mine to make predictions for the coming year.In the past, when I’ve done these predictions, I’ve turned to mostly traders who follow public stocks.  The predictions have been about the best long ideas, the best short ideas, and the estimated return of the S&P 500 in the coming year.

Rather than continue with that format, I decided to change it this year.

Instead of market predictions, I asked people for their best “sleeper ideas” for 2014.  A sleeper idea is something that few people see coming.  It’s a little followed idea that suddenly goes mainstream.

Read more on http://www.forbes.com/

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    (Source : http://outthinker.com/outthinkerblog/?p=250 ) Picture this scenario. A bomb has exploded. You’ve been working for the last two weeks in a remote part of Mongolia. Your boss promised this short-term assignment would prove your commitment and accelerate your career. But now, unsure of what happened or which coworkers were injured or…
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