9 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Some of the best content to be found about startups is locked in books. Thomas Kjemperud asked me yesterday for a 140 character recommendation of one book for founders. Reducing my list to just one and condensing an argument for why founders ought to read it in just 117 characters was just too great a challenge for me. Instead I’ve written a blog post about the nine favorite books I’ve read over the last five years have helped me understand startups and the processes that make them successful.

They range from written 70 years ago to written in the past 3 years. They have been written by salespeople, CTOs, speechwriters, consultants and magnates. These are the books I go back to, time and again, when I have a question or I’m looking for an insight. If they weren’t all e-books, they would be dog-eared and foxed. Here they are:

List 1


List 2


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