Leadership Lessons You Won’t Learn in a Book

When I look back at the first three years of bootstrapping our startup NerdWallet, the lesson I wish I had figured out earlier is you can’t read your way out of a problem.

When we first launched our company and needed advice, our tendency was to grab a book and go off in the corner to figure out how to scale our operations, hire amazing talent or motivate employees, among other queries. While these books did provide great insight, we soon learned a half-hour conversation with an expert of mentor provided invaluable leadership information we couldn’t get in a book. Not only did this person offer firsthand experience and great words of wisdom but they also provided a connection.

Here are leadership lessons for entrepreneurs that we wish we would have known right off the bat.

Start leadership development early. Realize you are not always going to be in the weeds coding, marketing and doing it all. At some point, your organization will look to you for guidance. And this moment will happen sooner than you think.

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