Boost your productivity and profits with mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness and meditation exercises are becoming increasingly popular with businesses. What could they offer your firm? Natasha Clark investigates.

Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates; Steve Jobs, Mark Benioff,; Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Gweneth Paltrow and Rupert Murdoch. What do all these CEOs, celebrities and influential business leaders have in common?

They all practice mindfulness and the art of meditation, and swear by its practices to make them happier, more productive and more efficient at what they do. Could it work for your business too?

Mindfulness is defined as a head and body approach to well being that can change the way you think about experiences in order to reduce stress and anxiety. In a high-pressure world of constant interconnectedness, meditation and the practice of mindfulness can calm and focus the mind and help to avoid burnout. Most people who practice meditation do so for a small amount of time each day, where they focus on the body and physical presence, and train their mind to concentrate on the present.

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