ECB cuts euro zone rates in surprise move. But …

Though ECB cut  was covered by the Press in great details but only a few analyzed the results of such measure.

Only independent writer/economists talked about the potential losers and winners of the situation.

In this article featured in The Telegraph , an economic writer talks about critiques the actions of the ECB and evaluates the potential repercussions of the action.

Eric Reguly in the The Globe and Mail takes a more optimistic approach on this action by highlighting to plausible upsides of cutting the interest rates. The lower exchange rate and its impact on the trade of EU is the immediate positive effect of this action.

Wall Street Journal talks about the ripple effect of reduced rates. It gives rationale behind the move and the prospective winners.

Global Research points as to how such divergences could be the source of increased global financial turbulence in the coming months.

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