Most Influential 50 Are the Bankers, Investors Who Move Markets

Hedge-fund manager Paul Singer took a stand back in 2001, refusing to accept his losses on debt the Argentine government wanted to swap at a discount. Jump ahead to 2014. Singer, still fighting for full recovery on his bonds, has, with help from U.S. courts, pushed Argentina into a second default.

These actions have landed Singer on the fourth annual Bloomberg Markets 50 Most Influential list, which appears in the magazine’s October special issue.

The people we’ve selected reach across borders and transcend obstacles. General Electric Co. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt has almost completed a $17 billion acquisition of Alstom SA’s power-generation business, having dealt personally with the French government to convince it that his bid was superior to a rival German-Japanese offer.

Ana Patricia Botin has turned around the U.K. operations of Banco Santander SA, adding customers and boosting profits, a level of success that could position her to run the parent company, as her father, grandfather and great-grandfather did before her.

To arrive at our 50, we start with a larger group of candidates assembled with the help of Bloomberg News journalists in bureaus across the globe. Rankings and profiles published in Bloomberg Markets throughout the year help guide the selection process, with the magazine’s editors narrowing the final list to 10 people in each of five categories: Money Managers, Thinkers, Corporate Power Brokers, Bankers and Policy Makers. We select individuals based on what they’re doing now, rather than past achievements, and almost three-fifths of this year’s list is made up of people who are appearing for the first time.

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