Scottish independence special

Scottish independence: Foreign investors desert British economy amid fears of ‘yes’ vote

Up to £12bn withdrawn as Japanese bank Nomura warns of possible sterling ‘collapse’

Scots, What the Heck?

Comparing Scotland with Canada seems, at first, pretty reasonable. After all, Canada, like Scotland, is a relatively small economy that does most of its trade with a much larger neighbor. Also like Scotland, it is politically to the left of that giant neighbor. And what the Canadian example shows is that this can work.

Scotland far closer to sovereignty than Quebec as Marois heads to Edinburgh for meeting with separatists

The Parti Québécois long served as a source of inspiration to Scottish nationalists looking to achieve independence.

Scottish independence: have we seen these tactics before in Québec?

As the yes side gains momentum, parallels in the response can be drawn to the 1995 campaign in Canada

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On Risks,

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