Who bought, funded or exited the most Bay Area startups?

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The venture investor that has backed the most startups in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco area in the past five years is 500 Startups.

But the one with the most exits of companies it has backed is Sequoia Capital, and the company that has bought the most local startups isn’t Yahoo or Facebook — both of whom have been on an acqui-hiring tear recently. It’s Google.

That is according to a report from investment database research firm CB Insights, whose rundown we posted yesterday on the 20 local startups that have raised the most cash without exiting yet.

The ranking of top investors didn’t include Y Combinator and other accelerators that don’t have a separate venture investing wing.

The top two on the list — 500 Startups and SV Angel — get in at the earliest stage of the companies they back. But most of the top investors there blend early and later stage funding. SV Angel, in fact, is a frequent co-investor in 500 Startups and backer of many Y Combinator companies, as well.

The top 10 (in the number of unique companies they have backed since 2009) are:

1. 500 Startups — 222.

2. SV Angel — 197.

3. Andreessen Horowitz — 157.

4. New Enterprise Associates — 123.

5. Google Ventures — 118.

6. Sequoia Capital — 111.

7. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers — 102.

8. Greylock Partners — 102.

9. Intel Capital — 92.

10. Accel Partners — 90.

When it comes to middle and later rounds, Intel Capital, New Enterprise Associates and Sequoia Capital were the most active.

In terms of the investors with the most exits, CB Insights ranks Sequoia on top with 54 of its local portfolio companies bought or doing an IPO in the past five years. Big names on that list include WhatsApp, Palo Alto Networks and Instagram.

Here is the top 10 ranking of investors with the most exits:

1. Sequoia Capital — 54.

2. Intel Capital — 49.

3. Accel Partners — 47.

4. Felicis Ventures — 42.

5. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers — 37.

6. New Enterprise Associates — 37.

7. SV Angel — 36.

8. Lightspeed Venture Partners — 35.

9. Foundation Capital — 35.

10. Benchmark Capital — 35.

As noted earlier, Yahoo and Facebook have done the most acquisitions in the past year or so. But CB Insights reports that Google has been the big buyer over the past five years with Waze and AdMob being two of the most prominent deals.

Here is that top 10 ranking, with the number of deals done by each.

1. Google — 37.

2. Facebook — 30.

3. Yahoo — 28.

4. Twitter — 18.

5. Oracle — 15.

6. Apple — 15.

7. Cisco Systems — 14.

8. IBM — 13.

9. VMware — 11.

10. Salesforce — 11.

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