How does Elon Musk think?

That’s what I aimed to discover while researching the habits behind his unbelievable success. For those who aren’t aware, Elon Musk is arguably the most impressive living human being on earth. Here’s his track record: 


Oh yeah … and he’s one of only two people to found three billion dollar companies. Not bad.

The crazy part is he doesn’t care that he’s worth billions. In fact, he’s annoyed with journalists asking about him. He wants them to ask about the bigger, worldly problems he’s trying to solve. He’s not focused on his existence, he’s focused on the existence of humanity — sustainable energy, clean transportation, and interplanetary space travel. 

So yes, again, he’s one of the most impressive people on earth. And because of this, I wanted to get inside his brain.

How does he think? What are his mental frameworks? What makes him tick? I scoured through dozens of interviews to unravel his six most compelling lessons … and turned them into actionable exercises. 

As a result, I created “worksheets” that ask questions derived from following lessons from Elon Musk. And quite frankly, these lessons (and accompanying exercises) have changed my life.

Complete the following exercises, based off the psychology of Elon Musk, and they might change your life, too.


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